European volunteers of the Holy Diocese of Thebes and Levadia visited Orchomenos

The young volunteers of the ERASMUS+ Program and SERVICE SIVIQUE Program implemented by the Institutions of the Holy Metropolis of Thiva and Levadia visited the town of Orchomenos on Thursday, May 9th.

The tour included a visit to the archaeological monuments of Orchomenos, the Holy Church of Panagia Scrippous, the Sources of Charity, the trout farms and finally the Wildlife Protection Center, where a reception was given.

The tour was attended by the members of the Orchomenos Ecologists’ Association and the Holy Church of Panagia Scripous.

The European Volunteers have been once again excited by the local hospitality and cultural wealth of our region.

The young people offer volunteer work at the “Special Education Centre” and the Chronical Diseases Infirmary “Agios Vlasios” located in the city of Livadia and at the Chronical Diseases Infirmary “Diakonia Agapis” located in Thebes.