“Diakonia Agapis” Infirmary

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DIAKONIA 2 2017 - 2018

For 2017-18 we hosted 3 volunteers. 2 from Spain and 1 from Germany.

ActivitiesVolunteers "Final" Event - DIAKONIA02


NAME Cinema DESCRIPTION We played an old Greek movie. GOALS Promote a fun enviroment, working on their attention. MATERIALS Cinema

Creativity Book

NAME Creativity Book DESCRIPTION We cut and make progress in one book with different activities that we bought GOALS Focus,

Shaping Plastiline

NAME Shaping Plastiline DESCRIPTION We shape plastiline GOALS Use of the muscles and fine motor skills of the hands, find

Finishing The Bags

NAME Finishing The Bags DESCRIPTION We finished the bags from the previous day by adding buttons and decorations. GOALS The

Making Bags Out Of Fabric

NAME Making Bags Out Of Fabric DESCRIPTION We made small bags by cutting and sewing fabric of different colours. GOALS


NAME Bingo DESCRIPTION We played a game that they love, Bingo. GOALS Promote a fun enviroment, improve social relations. Concentration.

Agility Game

NAME Agility Game DESCRIPTION We put on the table pencils of different colors. We say one color and they have

EVS Promotional Event in Livadeia 2017-2018

On Wednesday 20th of June 2018 the EVS promotional event was realized in Livadeia city. The scope of the event

Creating Shapes

NAME Creating Shapes DESCRIPTION With flexible and maleable sticks we create shapes and accesories, like glasses, to have a fun


NAME Painting DESCRIPTION they chosed the picture that they like from a book and then they painted it. some of

Playing Cards And Domino

NAME Playing Cards And Domino DESCRIPTION We played domino and a cards game that consist in adding the numbers of


NAME Presentation DESCRIPTION We showed to the elderly people our proyect presentation. GOALS They learn a bit more about us

Square Game

NAME Square Game DESCRIPTION In this game, the elderly must follow the instructions of a model and construct a big


NAME Cards DESCRIPTION The elderly people created cards painting dops with different colors. GOALS Development of creativity and the control


NAME Tablecloth DESCRIPTION We made new tablecloths to use them during breakfast. With the help of an activity book we

“Basket” Game

NAME “Basket” Game DESCRIPTION We played the game that we were creating the week before. The game consists in introducing

Exercising The Arms

NAME Exercising The Arms DESCRIPTION We made exercises for the arms by playing with balloons. MATERIALS Balloons. GOALS The elderly

Practising The Alfabet

NAME Practising The Alfabet DESCRIPTION They didn’t remeber the exact order of the alfabet so we practised it. MATERIALS A

Dissemination EVS event for 2017-2018 in Diakonia Agapis

The EVS dissemination event took place at Thiva Conference Center on June 6th, 2018. Volunteers presented their work and the

Decorating Boxes

NAME Decorating Boxes DESCRIPTION We decorated boxes with stickers, play dough, drawings and glitter glue. MATERIALS Boxes, stickers, play dough,

Creating The Balls For The Glasses Game

NAME Creating The Balls For The Glasses Game DESCRIPTION We finished the glasses game from the day before by forming

Creating The Glasses Game

NAME DESCRIPTION We decorates glasses, made a hole in the bottom side and threaded a piece of wool. Afterwards we

Mandala’s day

NAME Mandala’s day DESCRIPTION We painted Mandalas with different designs MATERIALS Mandalas, markers. GOALS Create a relaxing environment. Reinforce the

Drawing with the circus

NAME Drawing with the circus DESCRIPTION Today we only have two grandmas with us. We decided to paint some designs

Colouring the faces

NAME Colouring the faces DESCRIPTION We coloured the faces created yesterday in order to complete this activity MATERIALS Markers GOALS

Our volunteers at the end of their voluntary service prepared an event with their experiences presented. The event took place at the Activities Hall of the Infirmary.

2016 - 2017

For 2016-17 we hosted 3 volunteers. 2 from Spain and 1 from Portugal.

VolunteersActivitiesVolunteers "Final" Event - DIAKONIA01

Graffiti activity

Volunteers were invited to Vocational School of Thiva to paint the entrance stairs wall with a Graffiti about their EVS

Activity “Smoothing geometry”

Name: Smoothing geometry Materials: Cartoon Pins for paper Wool Sellotape Paper Explanation: Cut a rectangle of cartoon, put the pins

EVS promotional Event in Thiva city 2016-17

The EVS promotional event took place in Thiva city on Monday 26th of June 2017. Volunteers from Chronical Diseases Infirmary

Activity “Colorful waterfall”

Name:  Colorful waterfall Materials: Glass bottle Water Crayon shavings Explanation: Sharp some crayons of different colours and put it all

Video & Radio announcement for Final EVS Event

You can view and listen the video and Radio spot that was produced for publicizing the upcoming EVS Final Event

Activity “Tuning our touch”

Name:  Tuning our touch Materials: Latex gloves Mask or sleep mask Elements of different sizes and textures. Explanation: Fill the

Activity “Surprises under the eggs”

Name: Surprises under the eggs Materials: Egg carton Cardboard (different colors) Tape Explanation: This activity is very easy to do:

Activity “Keep the balance”

Name: Keep the balance Materials: Book Small ball Explanation: Give a book in the A4 size or bigger and make

EVS Promotional Event in Livadeia 2016-2017

All three social care organizations that belong to Holy Dioceses of Thivai and Levadeia and host volunteers under the European

Activity “Discovering Animals”

Name: Discovering Animals Materials: Draws of animals. Hard paper/Cardboard. Alphabets made of Cardboard. Explanation: Draw in normal white papers different

Publication about our Project

“United Societies of Balkan-USB” is an NGO that is located in Thessaloniki and aims for a better social environment is

Newspaper publication

A regional newspaper has published an article about our EVS project.

Creating connections

  Activity Name: Creating connections Materials: Three or more balls of wool with different colors. Explanation: First of all, the


Activity Name: π-casso Materials: Oil paint (more than one color). One light- colored cardboard. Black marker. Water bottles and plastic


Activity Name: Collage Materials: Magazines Papers Scissors Glue Explanation: Give the magazines to them and make them chose faces, bodies,

Leave the mark

Activity Name: Leave the mark Materials: One cardboard. Color paper. Scissors and tape. Color pencils, pens and waxes. Explanation: Make


Activity Name: παζλ Materials: Cardboard Marker Scissors Leminating paper Explanation: Cut the cardboard into small pieces, 4 pieces for each

Himerologio (Ημερολόγιο)

Activity Name: Himerologio (Ημερολόγιο) Materials: Velcro Cardboard Glue Scissors Markers Explanation: Write in different parts of cardboard, the names and

Jingle balls

Activity Name: Jingle balls Materials: Cardboard with shiny colours Wool Scissors Glue Explanation: Cut 6 circles of the colour cardboard

“κάνει κρύο”

Activity Name: “κάνει κρύο” Materials: Wool Toilet paper roll Scissors Explanation: Cut the rolls in 3 parts, in order that

Smiles Triathlon

Activity Name: Smiles Triathlon Materials: Balls made with soft materials Big plastic buckets Explanation: Give one ball per person and


Activity Name: BINGO Materials: Cardboard Markers Bean Scissors Bag Explanation: Make Bingo cards with the cardboard and writte 9 number


Activity Name: Βραχιόλια Materials: Wool Colored beads Scissors Paste Explanation: For the performance of this activity, first, we put the

Our volunteers at the end of their voluntary service prepared an event with their experiences presented. The event took place at the Activities Hall of the Infirmary.