Activity “Tuning our touch”

Name:  Tuning our touch

  • Latex gloves
  • Mask or sleep mask
  • Elements of different sizes and textures.


Fill the latex gloves with the different elements that will be guessed and make a knot in the end, preventing the content from coming out. Then, one elder with the mask, covering his/her eyes, should guess what is inside of each glove.


  • Focus their attention on the touch and analyze the different textures
  • Use logic to relate what is perceived and what they know


This activity is good to focus on one sense that the elders normally do not train. It makes them think about what element can have the features they are perceiving. We did it putting inside elements well known, as dried vegetables and they could guess it easily. You can make it even easier if you show what is inside of the different gloves previously to cover the elder eyes.