activityDIAKONIA 1Diakonia Agapis

Activity “Surprises under the eggs”

Name: Surprises under the eggs

  • Egg carton
  • Cardboard (different colors)
  • Tape


This activity is very easy to do: the egg carton will be the container where some figures made of cardboard will be put together. For that, you have to design different forms, making 2 identical copies of each one. Furthermore, you can design the same figure but in distinct colors that they will have to separate in pairs. As you have 2 copies of the same figure and color, tape one of them in one hole of the eggs carton. Then, the remaining copies will be mixed and the elders should separate them by putting each copy in its proper place. For the elders for whom this activity was easy, another similar could be done, where each column of the egg carton was identified with one figure (numbers, letters, forms…). In this case, the figures do not have copy, but they belong to a preset group.


  • Distinguish between different forms and colors.
  • Logic reasoning.


As the elders do not have the same conditions, the game was easier for some of them and difficult for others. The participation of the volunteer in this activity is crucial in the case of those elders with more difficulties. Also, it is good to perform the game together and review the name of the colors and figures. The elders enjoy this game because it is simple and provide satisfaction to them as they realize they are able to do it.