activityDIAKONIA 1Diakonia Agapis

Activity “Discovering Animals”

Name: Discovering Animals

  • Draws of animals.
  • Hard paper/Cardboard.
  • Alphabets made of Cardboard.


Draw in normal white papers different animals, in a big size , with visible features and colors. With hard paper of a different color, cut 4 rectangles and leave only one side linked to the paper, like windows that could be opened. Put the papers with the draws behind this hard paper and open one window at a time until they guess the hidden animal. Finally, try to make them spell the name of the animal that they guessed.


  • Remember the name of the animals and their main characteristics.
  • Mental agility and intuition.


This game has the advantage that you help the elders to discover which animal is behind the paper, either by giving them oral clues or by opening more windows. It is good for them because they make an effort trying to remember which animals have specific characteristics while doing a general review of the most known animals.