Activities of the Last Week of January

The last week we went on with the daily work on our theatre. The kids get better and better and we can’t wait to present it in May.
Furthermore the kids had this week for the first time a drawing lesson. Yiannis Geroulias, a caricaturist/cartoonist, taught them the first steps of the typical style to draw complex situations with just a few strokes of their pen. They enjoyed it very much and the result were very impressive.
Moreover we have our normal daily work meanwhile the kids play games, sing and puzzle.
We still work on many things for the bazar. This week we started to felt some Easter eggs for a wreath. In general we also started again a project with the kids.
Every day in the morning we sit together in a circle and talk about news, food we like, healthy lifestyle, environment or our favorite books. After that we always play a singing game.