DIAKONIA 1Diakonia AgapisEVS



Name: π-casso


  • Oil paint (more than one color).

  • One light- colored cardboard.

  • Black marker.

  • Water bottles and plastic plates.


Draw the trunk of a tree with the dark marker in the cardboard. It is interesting to divide it in different pieces that would be painted by different people, so the result would be more original. Then, distribute the oil paints in various plastic plates. They have to dip the bottom of the bottles in the paint and place them in the paper, making different forms that resemble the flowers of the tree. Also, you can use other figures made of carton, following the same process than before to put their print on the cardboard.


  • Promote creativity and originality.

  • Promote the recycling and reuse of everyday things between the old people.


This activity is good for two aspects: on the one hand, the reuse of everyday products make them open their mind in terms of the possible functions that objects have. On the other hand, draw a picture is something that seems difficult for the elders, but by this manner they have a good time while painting, realizing that they are capable of doing more things of those that they think.