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“κάνει κρύο”


Name: κάνει κρύο


  • Wool

  • Toilet paper roll

  • Scissors


Cut the rolls in 3 parts, in order that you have 3 halos. Cut a lot of strands from the wool of 25cm aprox. Pass the wool through the halos and make a knot. Do that until the halo isa ll covered with wool, after gather the leftovers of the wool and tie it with another piece of wool.


  • Improve the psychomotricity of hands.

  • It promotes cognitive aspects, since they are tasks that require concentration and attention.

  • Prevention or reduction of diseases such as osteoarthritis


It an easy activity and the final results is very pleasant and nice to decorate their rooms. It´s also good for them to spend the time with this funny and nice handicraft.